Press conference Kobanê – European Parliament


In a press conference on Wednesday at the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels, conducted by the GUE/NGL group member Marie-Christine Vergiat and the representative of the People’s Democratic party, Eyyup Doru, the leader of the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, warned about the imminent and severe threat of the Islamic State in the region of Kobanê in Rojava.

Muslim said that forces of the YPG – the armed wing of the PYD – could defend Kobani, but had insufficient weapons while the gangs of the Islamic State had long-range missiles, American Abran tanks and Humvee armored vehicles which they had confiscated during their incursion into Mosul. He also added that U.S raids to prevent the siege of Kobanê by the Djihadist group was still awaited.

He also added that he regretted the silence of the West in the face of the worst crimes happening today against humanity in the Middle East.

He asked for active support to combat the criminal fundamentalists.

The PYD co-chairman recalled the passive attitude of the West in the last 100 years resulting in the displacement and extermination of millions of Armenians, Kurds, Assyrians-Syriacs, Yezidi Kurds and other ethnic groups in Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

Answering to a question of Middle East Diplomatic (MED) regarding US air strikes and the EU and UN humanitarian aid, Kurds and the Democratic Syrian Opposition welcome the air strikes launched by USA in Syria:

 The importance of taking urgent steps against the jihaidst group has been pointed both by Muslim and Doru, who are feared of a second tragedy after the one that occured in the Sinjar region last month,where more than 20,000 Ezidis are believed to have died.