HDP Statement – Ontgoing agressions towards Kurds in Turkey

We strongly condemn, as the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), the climate of violence and hatred that is spreading at an alarming rate throughout the country.
These last two days alone over 304 attacks  have been perpetrated against our headquarters throughout the country (the attacks are still ongoing), and dozens of others against civilian homes, workplaces, tents of seasonal workers and press offices.
In the only night of yesterday, 186 HDP offices were attacked, including our headquarters in Ankara, which was burned without any police intervention and none of the perpetrators have been arrested so far.
Meanwhile, 50 members of HDP were taken into custody as they tried to cope with attacks against their building.
In addition, since June 17, 1620 members of our party were taken into custody and more than 90 civilians were killed by security forces following the state of siege declared in much of the southeast of the country.
We caution that the perpetrators of these attacks and their hateful actions will be brought to justice and call on the Kurdish people not to be intimidated by these intense and excessive provocation and to self-defend themselve.
We also wish to note that these ultranationalist gangs rampaging  today with extreme violence act in coordination with the AKP and the MIT.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu continue simultaneously, while those attacks are in progress, to make hatred calls targeting the HDP as part of violent incidents that recently occurred in the southeast of the country.

These shocking acts of vandalism are not a reaction to people who died during the violent events of recent days, but rather an incitement to civil war, besides, the decision to terminate the cease-fire and resume the war belongs to the AKP.
Every citizen has the right to protest against our party and we try to pay attention to the criticisms and try to understand them.
But we formally oppose the relentless spirit of racism which results in a very alarming situation which consist of lynching and setting alight buildings belonging to the HDP or Kurdish associations.
Following these incidents, we only notice the unfortunate repetition of civilian massacres so familiar in the history of the Republic of Turkey, the current massacres are however taking place in this very moment, facing general indifference.
Finally, we would like to say that the process we are going through is not ordinary and does not stem from mere coincidences. We cross a turbulent and programmed process that, if not resolved in a thoughtful and peaceful way, will lead the country to a fracture and major changes not only in the country but also in the entire Middle East.
We urge the international community to support our party facing these extremely disturbing assaults conducted in coordination with the authority to power and immediately call the Erdogan government to cease its divisive policies advocating violence and racism.
HDP Europe