A call of solidarity with “the HDP and Kobani” from the South American continent

Various organisations and institutions in 3 countries, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina called for solidarity with the HDP during the Kobani trial which took place on Monday 26 May.

Pictures with the hashtags #SolidarityWithHDP and #DefendKobani, widely used on social media, were taken by various institutions across South America. Some have posed with images of HDP leaders who are currently in prison on charges of Kobani trial.

Organisations and institutions that have shown solidarity are the following:

Armando Wouriyu, President of the National Organization of Indigenous Peoples of Colombia – ONIC (Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia)
Itoco associations network (Asociación red Itoco)
Marta Peralta, head of the Mais Party (Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement), Mais – (Movimiento Alternativo Indígena y Social)

Solidarity committee with Kurdistan (Comité de solidaridad con Kurdistán- Ecuador)
Fight to the End (Desde el Margen Luchar)
Social feminist organization (Organización feminista popular)

Argentine Gevarist youth movement (Juventud Guevarista, Argentina)