Kurdish Friendship Group MEPs say Turkish invasion should be stopped

The European Parliament Kurdish Friendship Group held a press conference to denounce the Turkish state drone attacks against Kurds.

François Alfonsi (European Green Party), Andreas Schieder (European Socialists Party), from the Kurdish Friendship Group and Nikolaj Vllumsen (European United Left) attended the press conference called “Turkey’s drone attacks on Kurds in Syria and Iraq are a threat to security and regional stability”.

The French Representative of the North-East Syria Autonomous Administration Xalid Issa was also at the press conference and provided details of the Turkish state’s attacks on North-East Syria. Based on the official statements of the SDF Command, Issa said that the Turkish state has carried out 32 heavy armed attacks, 29 UAV and drone attacks within the Rojava border since 2019.

17 civilians killed by drones

Issa said that 185 SDF fighters fell as martyrs and 13 were seriously injured as a result of the drone attacks, and added that 17 civilians, including four children and one woman, were also killed. He said that the attacks took place mainly in the eastern and western regions of Ain Issa, west of Girê Spî, around the M-4 Highway, in the town of Zirgan and around Til Temir.

Turkey created a place for ISIS in North East Syria

Reminding that the Turkish state occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî as a result of the agreements it made with Russia and the US, Issa underlined that ISIS mercenaries were deployed in the regions where the Turkish state’s drone attacks were intense. Stating that the regions where Assyrian lived were targeted with the aim of emptying the place, Issa said: “The Turkish state launched 32 attacks to expand territory in Til Temir.”

Turkey provokes displacement of people

Issa pointed out that the Turkish state also uses water as a weapon in its attempt to empty the region and added that, in fact, Turkey is provoking the displacement of people. “Turkey encouraged the migration of the Syrian population and then it used these refugees as blackmail against Europe.”

MEPs called for diplomatic and economic sanctions against Turkey

French MEP François Alfonsi called for diplomatic and economic sanctions and underlined the impact of the attacks on regional stability. He added that there is the risk of a resurgence of ISIS.

Danish MEP Nikolaj Villumsen, said that Turkey is carrying out ethnic cleansing and other war crimes, and that this war against civilians cannot be accepted.

Austrian MEP Andreas Schieder said he had visited the region in 2019 and added that the EU is well aware of Turkey’s violation of basic rights and laws. He said the EU needs to take action and increase sanctions against Turkey.

Source: ANF English