HDP delegation continues its talks in Switzerland

A delegation of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which includes vice co-chairs Feleknas Uca and Tülay Hatimoğulları, Batman Deputy Nejdet İpekyüz, and European Representative Devriş Çimen, continues its contacts in Switzerland.

As part of the program, the delegation met with Sina Deiss and Miriam Wieteska-Zimmerli, co-chairs of the Strong Alternative for Basel (BastA), and Franzsika Stier, BastA Secretary-General, in the Zurich Kurdish Cultural Center. Marta Rovira, General Secretary of the Republican Left Party of Catalonia and an exiled Catalan politician, also met with the delegation.

The group paid a visit to Irène Kälin, the newly elected president of the Swiss Federal Parliament, and held a comprehensive meeting at the Federal Parliament with the Socialist Party (SP). During the meeting with the SP delegation, made up of Foreign Relations Spokesperson Fabian Molina, Co-Secretary Rebekka Wyler, Federal Deputy Mustafa Atici, Foreign Affairs Commission Secretary Sandro Liniger, federal deputy and Swiss Parliament Kurdish Friendship Group Co-Spokesperson Carlo Sommaruga, consensus was reached on the strengthening of cooperation between the two parties.

The HDP delegation also met with the Swiss Workers Party Co-Chair Alexander Eniline and his delegation, Swiss Green Party President Balthasar Glättli, Federal Deputy Sibel Aslan, and Bern Canton Deputy Haşim Sancar.

Furthermore, the delegation met the Zurich-Amed Friendship Bridge management, association twinning Basel-Van in which parliamentarians from various parties and NGO representatives participated.

Source: HDP and Press