HDP Statement – Adana/Mersin Racist Attacks

“Attacks will not intimidate us.”

“As the 7 June elections approach, attacks on our party are increasing. There have now been 60 attacks in total, on our party’s central office, branch offices, party vehicles, our members and supporters. This morning’s attacks on our party’s Adana and Mersin provincial offices demonstrate the level these attacks have reached. 6 party workers were injured in the attack in Adana.

It is desired to hinder our party’s progress and our electoral campaign by activating dark circles supported by the political power in place. President Erdoğan in particular, the prime minister and other AKP government members are politically responsible for these attacks. The mentality that insults and targets our Co-presidents and candidates has resulted in these latest attacks in Adana and Mersin.

It has to be clear that no one would be able to prevent the HDP continuing to gain support all over Turkey with its calls for a ‘New Life’ and from embracing all the peoples of Turkey.

We condemn vehemently the bomb attacks on the party’s Adana and Mersin offices and demand for those responsible to be found immediately.”